The FCC Is Trying to Speed Up the Roll Out of 5G

This week the FCC announced plans to speed up the rollout of high speed 5G home internet. Part of this effort is to release new spectrum in the 24 GHz , 37 GHz, 48 GHz, and 50 GHz ranges.

“Pushing more spectrum into the marketplace for the next generation of wireless connectivity will contribute to economic growth, job creation, public safety, and our nation’s global competitiveness,” the FCC said in a statement.

By freeing up this new spectrum the FCC is helping to speed up the rollout of new 5G home internet services that are not legacy carriers. Many of the big mobile phone services are already launching 5G networks built with their current networks as a backbone. This new spectrum will help smaller startups and new companies jump in to the race to offer 5G home internet. It will also help larger ones fill in any gaps they may have.

These new wireless networks promise fast low latency networks. No longer will a new internet service provider have to run wires to each house in a town, which is slow and expensive. Now they will be able to wire a town with new internet services in a fraction of the time.

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