The FCC Wants to Block Local Cities From Imposing Fees on Home Internet

woman at table frustrated with billsFor years now local governments have turned to internet services as a way to rais more revenue. To do this they have been imposing fees on internet services similar to the fees you see on cable TV. Now the FCC is proposing blocking local governments from imposing fees on home internet as they have done with cable TV. Now local governments have the right to put fees on cable TV but some have been using that to try and impose fees on other cable company services like the internet.

“These efforts appear to have followed the decision by the Supreme Court of Oregon in City of Eugene v. Comcast, which upheld a local franchising authority’s imposition of an additional 7% “telecommunications” license fee on the provision of broadband services over a franchised cable system with mixed-use facilities. To address this problem, we now expressly preempt any state or local requirement, whether or not imposed by a franchising authority, that would impose obligations on franchised cable operators beyond what Title VI allows.” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said.

The FCC will meet August 1st 2019 to go over this proposed rule change. If this rule passes it should help keep internet costs down for millions of Americans as it would limit the number of fees a local government can add to your internet bill.

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