‘The Godfather’ Trilogy is Now Available on Vudu in 4K UHD for the First Time

Francis Ford Coppola’s famous trilogy The Godfather is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and Vudu has an offer you can’t refuse. For the first time ever, the films are now available in 4K UHD with Dolby Vision and you can find them on Vudu.

You can see the difference between in the before and after video below, with a side by side comparison of the clip as it was restored in 2007 compared to the original negatives and the new 2022 version.

The classic film is available as a standalone or as part of the “Godfather” trilogy, featuring “The Godfather Part II” and “The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.” “The Godfather” is available on Vudu in 4K UHD for a limited time for $12.99, while the trilogy is available in 4K UHD for $29.99. Fans who previously bought the movies on Vudu prior to March 22nd can upgrade to 4K UHD with special pricing available.