The Most Popular Halloween TV Show Episodes by State And Where to Stream Them

With Halloween approaching, viewers are getting into the spirit of the season by rewatching spooky-themed episodes from their favorite TV shows. So which are the most popular? Dish has compiled a list of the most watched TV show episodes on Halloween by state according to view numbers and IMDb ratings, and the results show Friends and Stranger Things are the most popular shows in America on Halloween.

Friends was ranked as the most-searched TV show on October 31 in 14 states, while Stranger Things was not far behind ranking no.1 in 13 states. The Simpsons was the most-searched in 10 states, followed by The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds.

In terms of overall viewership, The Simpsons original Treehouse of Horror from 1990 ranked the most-watched episode on Halloween with 27.4 million views and an 8.3 rating, followed by Friends S8 E6 The One with the Halloween Party banking 27.0 million views, and an even higher rating of 8.5. Treehouse of Horror episodes make The Simpsons the most-viewed show by far on Halloween.

Most of the shows that ranked are classics that have made their way into October staples when it comes to re-watching. However, Stranger Things, S2 E1 which premiered in 2017, is the newest show on the list and ranked as #12 with the most views.

Where to Stream:

Friends – all 10 seasons on HBO Max

Stranger Things Netflix

The Simpsons – 31 seasons on Disney+

The Big Bang Theory – all 12 seasons on HBO Max

Criminal Minds – Complete series on Paramount+, seasons 1-12 on Netflix, seasons 13-15 on Hulu