The New Peacock App Update Finally Allows User Profiles

The new Peacock app update now allows users to set up to six profiles so you can get more personalized settings. The new update allows families using the same account to set up their own user profiles to keep track of their watchlists, watch history, recommendations, and more. You can also set up a kids profile that will only show content rated PG and under that’s appropriate for children up to 13 years old.

The rollout is now live on iOS and Android and will prompt users to create a profile when they launch the app. After setting up the account holder profile, you can click the + sign labeled New Profile to create up to 5 additional profiles with customized avatars with characters from The Office, Saved by The Bell, Parks and Rec, Psych, Despicable Me, and more. The system will let you indicate if it is a Kids profile, and enter a name for the profile as well.

You can read Peacock’s full how-to guide for setting up a profile here.