The NFL Wants a Cord Cutting Friendly Version of NFL Sunday Ticket Without DIRECTV

The imaginary stadium is modelled and rendered.Today the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he is looking into a streaming version of NFL Sunday Ticket. In 2014, the NFL renewed their deal with DIRECTV for NFL Sunday Ticket through 2022. Yet there is an early out of the contract that would let the NFL out of their contract in time for the 2020 season. Now it sounds like the NFL plans to take advantage of that out to build a streaming version of NFL Sunday Ticket.

“We’re having great discussions with DirecTV and AT&T,” Goodell said. “We’ve had a 25-year partnership and we want to continue that partnership, but we also are looking to see how we can change the delivery.”

“We’re looking to make sure that we continue to deliver this package, which is a premium package of great content,” Goodell said. “We want it delivered on several different platforms.”

What exactly this means is unknown. According to reports, the NFL wants to split rights to NFL Sunday Ticket to allow them to sell a streaming version of the NFL Sunday Ticket. We do know that NFL Sunday Ticket will still be on DIRECTV this year. Any changes to NFL Sunday ticket will have to wait until the start of the 2020 season. For now, what we are seeing is that the NFL is serious about moving away from DIRECTV as the sole provider of NFL Sunday Ticket.

Source: Bloomberg

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