Watching tv and using remote control

The One Thing You’re Probably Missing From Your Cord Cutting Setup…

Watching tv and using remote controlAs one Reddit user pointed out, there’s one thing that many former cable users might be missing from their old setup after cutting the cord – a clock.

A bit of digging through Reddit threads showed dozens of similar comments. Cord cutters don’t miss the monthly bills, hidden fees, or channels they never watched. What they do miss is the little, glowing digital clock on the cable box (or DVD player, or VCR…) One commenter even said he kept his VCR hooked up just to get the time.

If you’re one of the many missing the clock in your media setup, here are some options.

Use a Screensaver

The Roku Channel Store has a selection of screensavers that will show you the time. The downside is that your TV will need to be on to see it.

Ask Your Smart Device

VCRs and DVD players might be out, but smart devices are in, and yours will give you the time whenever you need it. Whether you prefer Siri or Alexa, asking your smart home device for the time with a voice command might be the easiest solution ever.

Add a Clock

It’s a simple solution, but an effective one. Buy a clock like this one from Amazon. The large display with 3 inch numbers will make it easy to see the time from anywhere in the room. Plus, it comes with a USB port to charge another device.

Did you find any unexpected surprises after cutting the cord? Share them in the comments!

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