The Sideclick Universal Remote Is Back!

fd881e5712c8a3505d011a322e443c8d_originalWhen Brett and Jenn Epstein cut the cord and canceled cable, they found out how frustrating it was to have to turn on the TV with one remote and control the Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV with a separate remote. They had to switch back and forth every time they wanted to adjust the volume. So, they worked on a way to control the TV and the Roku with the same remote. What they came up with is an add-on that allows you to control your TV with the remote to many popular devices.

Now, after a failed first try at launching through Kickstarter, they are back with the second generation Sideclick. The updated Sideclick adds support for Nexus remotes and a new source button allowing you to switch between devices on your TV without your TV remote.

The Apple TV, Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nexus Player, and Roku devices will be supported. With a Sideclick, you will be able to power on and off your TV, change channels/volume, and switch imputs, and you will have two bonus buttons you can program to do whatever you want from your old remote.


As more and more remotes pop up on the market, a device like the Sideclick is perfect. While there are a few universal remotes that will control some of these devices, the Sideclick is a fraction of the cost and still allows you to use your original remote from your streaming device.

If you like what you’ve read, you can help the Epstein’s reach their $80,000 goal by supporting them on Kickstarter.

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