The US Senate Just Voted to Restore Net Neutrality

Today the United States Senate voted to restore the FCC Net Neutrality rules through the CRA rules. Through the Congressional Review Act the Senate can force the FCC to reverse their ruling on the net neutrality rules, and only 51 votes will be needed to restore the FCC rules. The vote just barely passed with 52 senators voting for the CRA bill.

It is important to note that this move would not create a net neutrality law. It would just put the old rules back into place after it makes it way through Congress. That means it could be repealed again in the future and if a future Senate decides not to use the review act it would once again end net neutrality.

The CRA still needs to have a few more votes before it becomes official. The President will also need to sign the bill. So if you are for or against Net Neutrality there is still time to make your voice be heard.

While this may be a short-term fix the truth is the laws being passed at the state level are likely to be a longer-term fix.

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