This Streaming Service Will Pay You To Binge True Crime Documentaries

Magellan TV

Are you a True Crime junkie? Then you’re probably stuck inside killing time bingeing true crime documentaries right now, so why not get paid to do what you love?

MagellanTV is a documentary streaming service that’s looking for one mystery enthusiast to watch 24 hours worth of true crime documentaries in return for $1000. That means 15 documentaries full of gripping stories, gruesome facts and serial killers on the loose.

Here’s how they describe their perfect applicant:

“Our candidate has a passion for all things true crime.

They can handle the creepiest serial killer, the grizzliest details, and the haunting spookiness of the paranormal.
So much so that our candidate is willing to stream it nonstop for 24 hours straight.

They will enthusiastically document their All-Night Crime Watch on their social channels so their followers can watch to see if they crack…or not.”

Here’s the full list of what you’ll be watching:

  • “Manson’s Missing Victims” 47 min
  • “Manson 40 Years Later” 90 min
  • “Tortured to Death: Murdering the Nanny” 44 min
  • “Murder on the Internet” 86 min
  • “Women on Death Row” 53 min
  • “Killer in the Family” 45 min
  • “Columbine Massacre: In the Killer’s Mind” 51 min
  • “Last Confessions of the Cannibal” 58 min
  • “Behind Bars” 288 min
  • “Parachute Murder Plot” 46 min
  • “Art Trafficking: Gray Market” 53 min
  • “Crimes that Made History” 130 min
  • “Jonestown: Paradise Lost” 200 min
  • “Undercover Asia” 132 min
  • “Trafficking Pills” 54 min
  • “Delhi Cops” 92 min

While the list of docs will take 24 hours to run, you actually have 48 hours to watch them all, you know, in case you need a bathroom break or a nap here and there.

The brave soul chosen to take on this daunting task will walk away with:

  • $1000 cash if you complete the job requirements.
  • 1-year free membership to MagellanTV.
  • Three, 3-month memberships for your friends and family.

Think you’ve got what it takes? You’ll need to submit this application form along with a statement convincing Magellan why you’re the ultimate true crime fan. You can even submit a video explaining your obsession, which honestly sounds like the extra push your application might need, so don’t hold back!

Sign up here. Good luck!

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