Three Big Updates Sling Has Made This Summer

For the past few months, Sling has been rolling out updates to give its app a new look, make content easier to find, and give subscribers access to local channels.

Here’s what’s new on Sling TV.

An Updated App

In May, Sling introduced a new user interface that was first available on Amazon Fire TV. Since then, the app update has become available on Air TV Mini, Android TV, and Roku as well.

With the redesign, Sling TV subscribers will find changes everywhere from the appearance of the home screen to controlling content while streaming. The brand new home screen will give users quick access to favorite shows and recordings, along with recommendations in a section with personalized suggestions. After leaving the home screen, users can go to the reimagined guide with the option to mark favorite channels, filter channels, and sort the order. The new guide makes it easier to see show details and record content.

The new app will continue rolling out across all supported devices throughout the year.

A New Channel Ribbon

Sling TV users can now find their favorite channels on the home screen, highlighted on a new channel ribbon. Click on a channel to find everything from the live and upcoming programming to on-demand content, all in one place. You can also click on a channel logo in the Guide to view those same channel details.

Locast Integration

One way that Sling TV keeps its monthly subscription fees low is by not having customers pay for local channels. In February, Sling began pushing out an update to give users more options for watching local channels with their AirTV Mini device if they had access to Locast, a donation-supported streaming service.

Now, Sling TV users can access local channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Telemundo, and more for free through Locast on several devices, including Air TV Mini, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV & Android Mobile, Apple iOS, Roku.

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