Three Star Trek Films Are in the Pipeline at Paramount+

New Star Trek content is in the works for Paramount+ with reportedly three new titles being tossed around. The question is which one to work on first, and that’s something new film chief Emma Watts is deciding now.

It sounds like Fargo’s Noah Hawley’s script is being shelved at the moment for a few reasons, one of the main ones being the premise is set in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Needless to say, that storyline may hit a little too close to home in the worst way as the world battles the ongoing coronavirus. As films serve as an escape from real life, throwing viewers into another disease-ridden galaxy doesn’t sound like the best choice. Good thing Paramount+ knows how to read the room.

Another script comes from Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) and intended for Quentin Tarantino as director. However, Tarantino has reportedly passed on the film that would take place in a “largely earthbound in a 30s gangster setting.” As for the third and last resort, it may be the most viable since it would enlist the help of the original cast from JJ Abram’s trilogy. There are rumors of Chris Hemsworth returning to play Chris Pine’s father in a time travel scenario.

Aside from this trio of films, there are an abundance of other Star Trek offerings currently on the table including season 4 of Discovery, Picard renewed for a second and third, the animated Lower Decks going strong, and Discovery spinoff Strange New Worlds in development.