Three Ways to Make Your Fire TV an Even Better Cord Cutting Tool

Fire TV 36The Amazon Fire TV is a great device for cord cutters, but there are three ways to make it even better.

#1 The Sideclick

The Sideclick turns your Fire TV remote into an all-in-one universal remote. The best part is you can use it with your original Fire TV remote—allowing you to take advantage of the Alexa Voice search and commands.

The Sideclick adds a row of 8 programmable buttons to your Fire TV remote’s functionality.   You can set it to do anything you want such as turn your TV on or off, change the volume, or change the input. It is super simple and easy to set up.

You can find the Sideclick at the BestBuy website.

sideclick-fire#3 Wall Mount

Ever wish you could hide your Fire TV behind your TV? Try a Wall Mount a great option for people with TVs mounted on a wall.

You can find the Fire TV wall mount on Amazon here:

#2 A Tablo DVR

Streaming is great, but free over-the-air TV is pretty amazing for great live content. Most Americans can receive more than 20 channels—many in HD—for free with a antenna.  The channels offer everything from sports and live events to some of the best shows on TV.

A Tablo DVR puts all this on your Fire TV, making it easy to watch all your over-the-air shows live and on demand. I love it because it allows the TV in my basement to take advantage of the antenna I have upstairs.

You can find the Tablo DVR on Amazon here:

These three options take a great device, the Amazon Fire TV, and make it an even more appealing option for cord cutters.

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