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TiVo Adds Smart Home Integration

Last week TiVo announced the addition of Smart Home Integration to make your TiVo even more useful. Now your Tivo will be able to integrate with a wide range of devices in your home.

Now you can receive a text message if someone tries to unlock parental controls. Pause the TV when someone rings your smart doorbell. When you get home from work your TiVo can now turn the TV on to ESPN, and more.

Tivo says these are only a few examples of TiVo will soon be able to do. TiVo owners will be able to choose from a catalog of pre-configured applets, or create their own and program the viewing experience just how they want it.

“There’s no doubt we are in the midst of a smart-home revolution. TiVo’s innovations are helping bring about this radical new approach to your technology and how you interact with it.” Said David Shoop from TiVo. “Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed an explosion in connected consumer devices – home security systems, thermostats, light switches, even doorbells – and their ability to interact with your personal devices and voice-powered home assistants. Incorporating the technology of IFTTT – custom-programmed Applets that drive real-time connectivity between your TV and smart devices – we foresee a universe of possibility that can make your viewing experience even better and more personalized.”

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