Editorial: Time Warner May Be Trying to Kill Off Hulu

Hulu_logoHulu is loved for showing current seasons of shows. It now also offers a ton of older content, but the real attraction for most is the current seasons of shows. However, if Time Warner has their way Hulu would stop airing current seasons for all networks.

Although Time Warner seems to be scared of Hulu and what they are doing to the cable industry. Time Warner is looking at buying up to 25% of Hulu with up to $2 billion to bring content from places like HBO over to Hulu. (Note Time Warner no longer owns Time Warner Cable.)

At the same time that Time Warner is looking at investing they are accusing Hulu of being one of the main reasons people are canceling cable TV. One does wonder what Time Warner wants to do with Hulu if they get their hands on it. Hulu is still a fraction of the size of Netflix and removing current seasons may be a move to try and kill off the service. Without current seasons it is unlikely Hulu, which still struggles to turn a profit, will succeed. Without current seasons it is unlikely Hulu will retain many subscribers.

Now it is far from certain that Hulu and Time Warner will even come to a deal, so it’s not time to hit the panic button; however, it may be time for cord cutter to raise their voices to Hulu if they want to keep access to current seasons.

Source: Fortune