TiVo Is Coming to the Roku, Apple TV, & Fire TV

This week at CES, TiVo announced that they are rolling out an app on many popular streaming devices including Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. Now you will be able to stream content from your TiVo to your favorite streaming devices without the need for a second TiVo device.

Cord Cutters News is meeting with TiVo later today, but Zatznotfunny.com has already met with TiVo and has given us an early look at what they are working on.

This allows TiVo to compete with Tablo, who already offers an option to stream out to multiple services. The main difference will be the fact that you will still have a traditional DVR box plugged into your main TV.

TiVo says this service will be free. No additional fees for streaming your content to other devices. This will go a long way to making the TiVo DVR an even better cord cutting option.

According to TiVo, this new app on streaming players will start to roll out in the spring with devices being added through the summer.

We will be posting updates after we meet with TiVo later today.

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