TiVo’s Canceled Tablo DVR Competitor For Cord Cutters is Now For Sale on eBay

Did you know that TiVo was once working on a DVR to take on Tablo DVRs called the Tivo Mavrik? This DVR would have let you stream your antenna to different streaming players including the Fire TV. TiVo was apparently extremely close to releasing the DVR before the project was canceled. Now, these DVRs have shown up on eBay and were spotted by ZatzNotFunny.com.

The Tivo Mavrik was first spotted back in 2016. It seems that TiVo wanted to take on Tablo by offering a very similar product. Sadly after the merger with Rovi, TiVo canceled the product and many thought it never got to the production state. Now it looks like that DVR was ready to hit stores before the project was canceled.

Now you may want to think twice before buying these DVRs. It is very likely they will not work as the back end services needed to manage the streams have likely been long shut off. So unless you are a hardcore collector of all things TiVo, you may want to skip these cheap DVRs.

But this is a very interesting look at what could have been. If things went very differently, a far cheaper TiVo DVR for cord cutters may have  been on the market right now.

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