Tubi Acquires Anpanman Anime Franchise

Free streaming service Tubi will exclusively premiere the popular Anpanman anime franchise for both English and Spanish speaking viewers. Anime fans in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico will be able to watch the content, starting with a slate of ten movies. Apple Boy and Everyone’s Hope will be the first of ten films to premiere on Tubi.

“Anime fans of all ages can now enjoy the Japanese phenomenon Anpanman in English and Spanish for the first time ever,” said Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer, Tubi. “We can’t wait for viewers to meet Anpanman and his lovable enemy Baikinman as they join our iconic roster of characters on Tubi Kids.”

The Anpanman slate of films coming to Tubi includes:

  • Apple Boy and Everyone’s Hope: Apple Boy longs to be a hero, when a witch turns the fruit in his beautiful village into poison. He must find a magic seed. Anpanman to the rescue!
  • The Adventure of Happie: When Anpanman’s new apprentice Happie is swayed by Baikinman, Happie’s whole village is in danger. Anpanman must set him straight, before all is lost.
  • Star-Spirited Dollie: When Anpanman saves Dollie, she gains life and just wants fun, even if it means bothering others. Meanwhile, Baikinman tries to build the strongest mold robot to defeat Anpanman.
  • Purun, The Soap Bubble: Purun cannot make big bubbles, and skips performing. Anpanman must help her rid the palace of Baikinman and his creepy bubbles.
  • The Secret of Fairy Rin-Rin: When Baikinman tricks the fairy Rin-Rin who protects the flower that gives Anpanman strength, everyone must go on a journey to find more flowers.
  • Blacknose and the Magical Song: An orphan Cana raised in darkness by evil Blacknose tries to destroy the joys of singing, dancing, and yummy food. Can Anpanman make the kid see the light?
  • Revive Banana Island!: Clouds and cold may ruin all the sweet fruit on Banana Island, but queen Banna refuses to ask Anpanman for help, while Baikinman goes to Banana Island in search of the legendary Giant Banana.
  • Nanda and Runda from the Star of Toys: The selfish princess Runda, accompanied by a kind robot Nanda, loses her wand that turns things into toys and needs Anpanman’s help to find it.
  • Shine! Kulun And The Stars Of Life: Before the annual Star Festival, the mysterious Kulun pops out of Baikinman’s garbage bin and black stars fall, threatening life on Anpanman’s world.
  • Twinkle! Princess Vanilla Of Ice Cream Land: In a land where an ice cream castle rises from snowy mountains, Anpanman must help Princess Vanilla learn an urgent lesson to save her kingdom.