Tubi Audience Report Shows Viewers Streamed Twice as Much in 2020

A new report shows Tubi’s audience streaming hours went up by 58% over the past 12 months, with users watching 2.5 billion hours in 2020. And following in its parent network FOX’s footsteps, a huge portion of that audience demographic is younger than the average linear TV viewer. Tubi has 33 million active users with nearly half of them under the age of 35.

In addition to being young, Tubi users are also diverse. African American, Hispanic, and Asian audiences comprise 39% of its user base thanks to a wide variety of content on the platform including in-app destinations including Tubi en Español, Tubi Kids, top TV series like The Masked Singer and Lego Masters, plus a large library of Black Cinema favorites and anime titles. All of these factors contribute to the streamer’s large and diverse audience from young generations.

Having this demographic places Tubi in a unique position when it comes to accessing hard to reach markets.

“Our findings highlight Tubi’s young, diverse and nationally representative streaming audience, including viewers in harder-to-reach markets,” said Natalie Bastian, Vice President, Marketing at Tubi. “This year, streaming should be an always-on touchpoint for advertisers looking to reach incremental audiences outside of their existing linear TV strategy.”

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