How to Turn Off Autoplay on Hulu’s New Roku Channel

This week Hulu updated their Roku Channel to their new look and added live TV support to Roku.

One of the biggest questions I have heard from our readers is how to turn off autoplay. So why would you want to turn off autoplay? Well if you have a data cap turning off autoplay is a great way to stay under your data cap.

Often people forget to stop a show when they turn off their TV. If autoplay is on it can easily burn a lot of data as your TV is off.

The good news is YES you can turn off autoplay on the new Roku Hulu Channel.

You can turn Autoplay on or off while watching a video:

  1. Press or swipe down for Info & Settings. On Roku, press the * button on your remote.
  2. Select Autoplay On of Off

As always if you have a data cap I highly suggest you turn off autoplay on all apps. That is the best way to easily stay under your data cap.

Here is how you can turn off Hulu’s autoplay on their classic Roku Channel:


  1. While a video is playing, press the down option on your remote or controller
  2. Then press the up option on your remote or controller to reveal the playback settings menu
  3. Navigate over to Autoplay and press the select OK/Enter button on your remote or controller to toggle the autoplay setting

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