U.S. Netflix Subscribers See Only Half of Netflix Total Streaming Catalog

In March 2015, UnoTelly came out with some stats about the total available content on Netflix, showing about 14,000 titles were available. At that time, U.S. subscribers could only see about 7,200 of those titles. Still, U.S. subscribers see far more content than Australia and New Zealand subscribers, who both average just over 1,100.

NetflixInfographicRecently, Netflix announced they would like to offer their entire catalog to anyone anywhere in the world, saying it would cut down on piracy. It is most likely a move to counter the large number of Netflix subscribers who use a Smart DNS service, like Unblock-US, or a VPN service, like IPVanish, to gain access to all 14,000 Netflix titles.

Hopefully, Netflix is able to get rights to release all of their content without restrictions on location. Some of the best Netflix content is not available in the United States. For example, most Disney content is still not available here. Toy Story 3 is viewable in other countries but is only available in the United States if you use a service like smart DNS and VPNs.

In a world where borders are increasingly irrelevant to business, the idea of limiting a show or a movie to only one country just encourages piracy. Hopefully, content owners join Netflix to offer their content to anyone who is willing to pay.

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