The Ultimate Guide to fuboTV (August 2017 Edition)

Recently, FuboTV has been making cord cutting news because of the exciting new content being added. If you’re not already familiar with the service, find out what everyone’s been talking about, below.

The Basics

Once recognized only for streaming sports, FuboTV is quickly becoming serious competition for other big names in the cord cutting community. Since launching in 2015, the service has been quietly ramping up its content and building relationships with big names.

While FuboTV is expanding its content lineup, sports fans will be happy to know that sporting events are still a big focus for the service. As the brand continues to grow, more sports options are being added. That includes a new partnership with CBS and continued partnerships with Fox Sports, Univision, and BeIN Sports. Noticeably missing from the lineup is ESPN.

Sports programming is absolutely the highlight of a FuboTV subscription. In addition to the incredible soccer content that the service is known for, you’ll have access to football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. You’ll also be able to watch slightly less mainstream events, including rugby, track and field, and diving, among many others.

In addition, to live content streaming, the service offers a Lookback feature. Lookback offers on demand content, so if you miss a game, you’ll have the option of watching later. Content is available for 72 hours after originally airing.

Supported Devices

 Currently, you can watch FuboTV on the following devices:

Missing from the list are apps for gaming systems, including PlayStation and XBox.

You can watch TV simultaneously on two devices, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Packages and Pricing

FuboTV starts with a base package, called Fubo Premier, which starts at $34.99/month, after the 7 day free trial. The Premier package includes 66 channels, including Fox Sports, CBS Sports, BeIN Sports, Bravo, Lifetime, and HGTV. Find the full list of channels on the FuboTV website.

In addition to the basic package, you’ll have the option of add ons for additional content with an extra fee. The following add ons are currently offered:

  • Portugese Plus
  • Sports Plus
  • Mundo Plus
  • Fubo Latino
  • The Blues
  • Cycling Plus
  • Kids Plus

As with most other streaming options, the service is monthly, with the option to cancel at any time without extra fees and charges.

Recent Updates

In June, CBS announced an agreement with FuboTV, bringing the network’s content to the streaming service. Included in that agreement are the following:

  • CBS Sports Network
  • Showtime, including original shows and popular movies
  • Entertainment TV, including The CW, Pop, and CBSN
  • CBS News

This is big news, especially for sports fans. The agreement means that FuboTV will be streaming The NFL on CBS, Thursday Night Football, SEC on CBS, and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, among other sports programming.

Those subscribing to the basic Fubo package will also be able to watch their favorite CBS primetime shows like The Big Bang Theory, and major live events like The Grammy’s. Local affiliate channels are being added, with plans to continue adding more.

Another appreciated recent update was an improvement to the service’s DVR feature. Users can now use the program guide to find and record content to watch later. Unlike most DVR setups, FuboTV bases DVR storage on number of programs, rather than the amount of time taken up by each program. You’ll have ten slots to fill with recorded programs, meaning you can choose to record ten football games, ten sitcoms, or a combination of any ten shows. Recorded programming can be saved for up to ten days.

For those who love watching sports, FuboTV is an excellent option and will become even more valuable as more content is added. Others should keep an eye on the service as well, as FuboTV works toward becoming an even stronger competitor among digital content companies.

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  • Steeler4Ever

    i don’t know why the author didn’t post my email to him. today is the last day to get a free month of fubo tv. they have partnered with fan duel.


  • Michael Smith

    There Web site is wonky, won’t tell you what local channels you will receive until you register with them. They will be a great site once they get ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPN NEWS, NFL NETWORK AND NFL RED ZONE. Fubo should be a slam dunk if the Discovery Network goes streaming alone for $5/month to add to the streaming world.

  • Evan

    Please tell me their Golf Channel has ads? It’s not the terrible ad free variant like DTVN has right? It has ads like the PS Vue version?

  • chenriii

    No CNN. Deal-killer for me, unfortunately. As a news junkie, the only OTT services that work for me are Hulu Live and PS Vue, both of which have all three news nets. Vue is better because Hulu forces one to watch commercials on the DVR recordings at the 39.99 price, with an extra $15 monthly to get rid of them, whereas Vue has that for 39.99. Hulu made a mistake on that.

  • Daniel Darnell

    I’ve been testing Fubo TV and it has some glaring misses. I put it on my Roku a few days ago and I was shocked to see that on it I can’t set up or access any DVR content or on demand! So basically it’s only good for Live TV that is on now, In fact Fubo appears to have no on demand and their DVR can only be setup on the computer it looks like and it’s just limited to 10 slots and you can’t set it to future record. So the only way to record a program is to go on a real computer and actually have the program up at the time. To me this is just some huge holes in the service that make it severely lacking. Fubo TV is a good idea and more choice is always good but the service right now is half assed and lacks too may features or hobbled features that make it worth skipping now. Their are other and better choices.

  • ModernMode

    10 slots for DVR is a joke. I can record all the shows I want on Playstation Vue.

    • Daniel Darnell

      The DVR is awful, you can’t even access it on a Roku or set up recordings, it’s so half assed that it’s useless. That and NO demand it’s just so awful. I honestly don’t see how people can like this service it’s just so lacking compared to others.

    • Alberto

      Expanded DVR is launching very soon.

  • Michael Self

    I signed up for the free trial, I could’ve lived with the 10 program limitation, but you have to wait until a program is over + 30 minutes to watch it… WTF. I want to be able to start a recording of a football game and start watching about an hour into it. Also they really need NFL Network/Redzone. With ESPN supposedly launching a standalone service you could get nearly every sport out there with Fubo + ESPN.