The Ultimate Guide to Hallmark Movies Now

If you love watching Hallmark movies during the holidays, but wish you could watch them all year long, Hallmark is here for you with Hallmark Movies Now. The service is also bringing other Hallmark original movies and series to cord cutters with a simple, easy to use streaming service.

The Basics

Crown Media has been bringing us TV shows, movies, and holiday specials on Hallmark Channels since 1994. The company brought that content to cord cutters in 2014, with the streaming service Feeln. In October 2017, the company rebranded and revamped the service, giving it the new name Hallmark Movies Now.

The subscription service is commercial free and loaded with Hallmark content. With around 1,000 hours of content, fans of the network will have a lot of original movies and TV series to catch up on.

Plans and Pricing

You can choose to pay for your Hallmark Movies Now subscription monthly, at $5.99/month, or annually, at $59.99/year. The channel offers a one week free trial before beginning a monthly or annual subscription.

Those with an Amazon Prime Video subscription also have the option of adding Hallmark Movies Now to their subscription for $5.99/month. Amazon also offers a one week free trial before beginning a paid subscription.

Supported Devices

You can watch Hallmark Movies Now content on the following devices:

Features and Content

You’ve probably guess that Hallmark Movies Now is exclusively for Hallmark content. What you might not know is how much Hallmark content is available.

You can sort through the available content by genre and category. Start be choosing from movies, series, and Hallmark Hall of Fame content. Under the movies genre, you’ll find all the categories you’d expect, including romance, drama, and comedy. This is also where you’ll find the option to see all of the available movies in alphabetical order. Of course, there’s also a section of Hallmark holiday movies, so you can watch your favorites all year long.

The series section offers previous seasons of Hallmark series, along with being updated consistently with new episodes as they air. Look for episodes of shows including Heartland and Ties that Bind. In this section, you’ll also find mini series like Hallmark’s The Titanic and Jackie Ethel Joan: The Women of Camelot.

Hallmark Hall of Fame is a section that features some of the network’s most well known series and movies, as well as movies with some of the most well known actors. You’ll spot Julia Stiles, Keri Russell, James Garner,  and Peter Gallagher, among others.

The browsing options are more limited when subscribing through Amazon Prime, but all of the same content is available. You’ll choose from categories including popular movies, featured TV, and recently added content.

The Hallmark Movies Now app doesn’t offer any outstanding features or an especially exciting format. However, for those who love Hallmark content and want to stream their favorite series and movies, those extras won’t matter. Hallmark Movies Now has everything that fans will want, at a monthly price that won’t break the bank.

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5 Responses to The Ultimate Guide to Hallmark Movies Now

  1. Dean G February 4, 2018 at 10:00 am #

    It’s over priced for what it is. Hardly anything new mainly old outdated movies. None of the current shows being shown on Hallmark and only a couple of the mystery movies they show. They really should rethink this app.

    • Jason F. Perry February 5, 2018 at 9:30 am #

      I’m not sure what is meant by “outdated” when referring to a movie. Does a movie go bad like spoiled milk after so many months/years? Films don’t go out of date. Films from the 1930’s, as an example, are just as good (if not actually better because they cared more about excellent writing and less blowing stuff up with CGI because they couldn’t) than new films being made today.

      It’s a fine app for people, like my mom, who love Hallmark films and she’s absolutely loving it (bought a year subscription for her as a Christmas present). And I’ve actually been enjoying it some myself. I do agree though that more content is always better so I hope they continue to improve it in offering more content.

  2. demarcmj February 4, 2018 at 10:03 am #

    Will you be able to get the new movies that they air pretty much every weekend?

    • Dean G February 4, 2018 at 10:40 am #

      Nope. You can add the app and then browse it without actually subscribing.

  3. TexMarque February 4, 2018 at 3:09 pm #

    As a cord cutter, I think that it is a fair deal. I had Feeln ($36/year) before it became HMN which was a noticeable improvement; I was planning on dropping Feeln,because it had little new content, now I’m planning on renewing for another year in March. HMN seems to be rotating some new movies in and out on a monthly basis. Some of the content is dated; but new to me like TV series are several years old. If one has the live service, you most likely won’t want this.