Unofficial XBMC Custom Build Now Available In The Google Play Store


TVMC from TVAddons is a unofficial build of XBMC was released to Google Play today. TVMC is  XBMC based app that works similar to Popcorn Time but nothing is shared by the end user.

TVMC is basically a media player with one very special feature, it converts web sites that provide online streaming content into a simple video on demand style interface, similar to that of Netflix. It brings web sites that are normally popup ridden and difficult to navigate, in a effort to bring easy system to stream content from many popular websites.

The variety of available content is comparable to no other media center in existence because it grants access to virtually everything that’s available online, made possible through the use of addons created by third party developers. Some of the most popular addons included with TVMC are 1Channel, Project Free TV, IceFilms, USTVNOW, and Veetle, while there are hundreds of other addons for content ranging from live sports to ethnic programming.

Unlike the popular app Popcorn Time which gives you access to similar content, through torrent technology instead of streaming links, TVMC does not turn the end-user’s device into a server, it simply streams content directly from file hosts such as GorillaVid, NovaMov, Billion Uploads.

“Install it through the Google Play store or sideload it to your device, and you’ll be watching the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire or any episode of Friends from whatever season you’d like. Think of any movie or TV show ever made, I’ll be you’ll find it” says Eleazar Cohen, the developer behind the TVMC release for Android.

TVMC runs on a wide range of devises from mobile devices to set top boxes such as the Amazon Fire TV and the OUYA gaming console.

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