The US Senate Wants to Help Expand & Speed Up Broadband Internet

Latin woman looking disappointed at her laptopscreen, sitting behind her desk at the office.Do you struggle to get high speed Internet at your house? We have good news for you, because the US Senate wants to help you get better Internet.

Tomorrow May 3, 2017, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing entitled “Investing in America’s Broadband Infrastructure: Exploring Ways to Reduce Barriers to Deployment.”

The hearing will look at ways to streamline broadband deployment and infrastructure. While the meeting will mainly focus on rural areas and encouraging private investment in next gen telecommunications services it will also look at ways to improve the Internet for all.

The FCC has also recently started to look at ways to speed up both the rollout of 5G Internet and ways to speed up current Internet networks from allowing quicker access to poles for new lines to being run to forcing cities and states to quickly respond to proposals for new Internet service providers.

The meeting will have no guests from Internet service providers. Instead the hearing will listen to groups pushing for new Internet options such as Patricia Cooper VP at SpaceX and Briand Hendricks head of tech policy and public affairs.

It seems that both the FCC and the US Senate have plans to push the development of broadband Internet for all Americans.

Source: MultiChannel News

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