Verizon Fios Launches Apps for Apple TV and Fire TV

Verizon is adding more ways for viewers to watch Verizon Fios TV. Starting July 22, users can watch Fios TV on Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD or Amazon Fire TV without having to use a set-top box on each TV. The Verizon Fios TV app was previously only compatible with mobile devices.

To clarify, Verizon customers will still need to have one Fios TV One box in the house in order to install the Fios TV app straight to their Apple TVs and Fire TVs. The apps do come with a monthly surcharge of $20, which Verizon hasn’t been very transparent about in the announcement. The good news is at least you won’t have to pay for multiple Fios TV One boxes for all the TVs in your home. Boxes cost a monthly rental fee of $12 each, and $6 per month for a third and fourth box. With the app option, users will now get a standard tuner box for free with all Fios TV plans.

The all-new Fios TV plans also come with the intuitive Fios TV One box with voice remote included at no additional charge.

“Customers gain flexibility to put TVs in new places and connect in new ways throughout their home without the need for a Fios TV box on every TV.”

“With the voice-powered Fios TV One, now included in new Fios TV packages4, customers get the first Fios TV box included at no additional charge, and can now watch live television on compatible devices throughout their home. Parents can watch live sports events on the Fios box in the living room while kids watch cartoons and teens watch comedies on connected TVs in their bedrooms. With Fios TV One enabling more flexibility, Fios TV users can more easily place TVs in the kitchen, on the back patio or other areas of the house.”