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Verizon Gives a First Look at Their 5G Home Internet

5G has been the dream of cord cutters for years. Now Verizon has announced plans to roll it out to several markets next year.

For some time though Verizon has already been testing 5G Internet in several markets. Last week they released a video with a first look at what they have been working on:

“This is the first use case for the 5G network, but it’s not a single use case network,” where it’s just about residential broadband, said Verizon CFO Matt Ellis at a UBS investor conference in New York City on Tuesday.

“This is the top of the first inning on 5G,” Said Matt Ellis at USB. “there will be many more applications for 5G, things that you can’t do in 4G, so we’re very excited to get to those mobility use cases as well.”

A couple of weeks ago Verizon announced the first market to get 5G home Internet: Sacramento, California will receive 5G home Internet in the second half of 2018. They went on to say that four other markets will also get 5G Internet next year, but they will be announced at a later date.

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