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Verizon is Cracking Down on Spam Calls

Over the last few years, scams targeting cord cutters have grown. One of the newest scams is a fresh take on an old one. You get a call from someone claiming to be Netflix saying you need to update your credit card. From there they try to trick you into giving them your credit card so they can steal it. Often when you get these calls the caller ID shows Netflix or some other company.

Now Verizon has announced a new Caller Verified technology to crack down on scammers and spammers. In March Verizon is launching STIR/SHAKEN technology that will authenticate a call’s origin and can alert subscribers if it’s a fake call. This will allow Verizon subscribers for free to have one more tool to crack down on face calls.

This new service is an effort to combat illegal caller ID spoofing, which occurs when scammers temporarily hijack a phone number to match the area code and 3-digit prefix of the person they are targeting, making the incoming call look familiar.

Source: Engadget 

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