Verizon is Hosting a 5G ‘Fan First’ Experience for Super Bowl LV

Verizon announced it’s elevating the Super Bowl LV viewing experience for fans both at the game in Tampa and at home with its Super Stadium feature inside the NFL App. Fans who have an iPhone 12 will be able to engage with five different camera angles right from home, and seven for fans at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

The interactive experience continues with the ability to project AR overlays for Player Stats, and more. Plus the Verizon 5G Stadium in Fortnite Creative will allow users to connect with their favorite NFL players with four football-inspired games and more hidden surprises.

“With 5G, we are beginning to see the transformation of various industries and the innovation that comes with it,” said Diego Scotti, CMO, Verizon. “Reimagining live events is one of the best use cases for the power of 5G. During a year like this one, it is a thrill to transform the Super Bowl experience by creating a first-of-its-kind virtual stadium in Fortnite that brings a new level of gaming to life, while at the same time we’re innovating the in-stadium experience.

Fans can also use Verizon Media’s Watch Together feature Yahoo Sports mobile app to view the game with friends and family on their phones no matter where they are. The viewing experience will be available as soon as the Super Bowl LV kicks off Sunday, February 7 at 6:30 pm ET.