Verizon Now The Fastest Netflix ISP After Shutting Down Their Netflix Competitor

Verizon just official shut down their Netflix competitor Red Box Instant this month. Now Verizon jumps 9 spots on Netflix ISP speed tracker.


“The rapid rise, which began last month, followed an interconnection agreement with the company that uncongested ports for mutual customers,” Netflix said in their monthly speed report.

Verizon stopped allowing new customers of their RedBox Instant service some time ago. They also stopped all social media activity on their twitter account back in July. Clearly Verizon had decided to shut down the service some time ago.

Maybe the real surprise is Comcast still being in the 6th place after Netflix payed for better service to Comcast customers.  Maybe the truly depressing part of this survey from Netflix is the fastest average US speed is still only 3.17Mbps.

Switzerland came in as the fastest country with the average speed of 4.15Mbps for Quickline. Switzerlands slowest speed was 3.50Mbps.

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