Video: Cut the Cord with Our Favorite Tips and Advice

For all those first-time cord cutters and anyone thinking about making the move, this week’s video is just for you. We gathered together our favorite tips and pieces of advice for anyone considering a move away from traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions. We also enlisted the help of our Cord Cutting Tech Support group over on Facebook, and we’ve included insights from several members throughout the video.

If you’re looking for advice on how to get started and what to consider when it comes to cutting the cord, we hope this video helps you start your journey.


What Is Cord Cutting Anyway?

Before You Cut the Cord!
– Tip: Take Your Time!
– Tip: Learn More About What You Like to Watch and How
– Tip: Don’t Just Replace Cable; Search for Ways to Better Suit Your Actual Viewing Habits
– Tip: Check if an Over-the-Air Antenna is a Viable, Reliable Option Where You Live

When You’re Ready to Start Streaming
– Tip: Think About How You’ll Access Those Streaming Services
– Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment
– Tip: Decide What’s Important to You and Which Features Aren’t Worth the Extra Cost
– Tip: No, Really, Take Your Time!

Wrapping It All Up

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