Video: Hands-On with Roku OS 10.5: Exploring New Features, Testing Performance, and More

Roku’s latest software update, Roku OS 10.5, is making its way to eligible devices this month. So we thought we’d spend some time exploring several new features and capabilities to see what users can expect when they make the upgrade.

Whether you’re a longtime Roku user or coming to the platform for the very first time, here’s what you can expect with Roku OS 10.5.

Editor’s note: A short portion of this video contains rapidly flashing lights. Certain people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, such as flashing lights or patterns. The footage lasts from the 6:12 mark to 6:21, so please avoid that section if you’re sensitive to that type of visual information.

Who Can Upgrade to Roku OS 10.5?
Roku OS 10.5: Content Accessibility Improvements
Speaking of Voice Improvements…
Audio Improvements in Roku OS 10.5
(Timecode to skip past the brief section with blinking lights)
What About Performance?
Wrapping it All Up…

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