Video: Our Readers Are Flocking to Free Streaming Services

In case you missed it, Jess and Philip revealed the first half of the results from the Cord Cutters News Summer Survey 2021. In this video, we discussed your most popular answers for top live TV streaming services, how much you’re paying for streaming, and more. Among other revelations, our latest survey suggested many of you out there rely on free streaming services — sometimes several! — for your entertainment needs.

Check out the full video below for Part One of our Summer Survey 2021 results and stay tuned for Part Two!

But First:What Is The Cord Cutters News Summer Survey?
Q1: How Many Streaming Services Do You Subscribe To?
Q2: How Much Do You Pay Per Month for Streaming Subscriptions in Total?
Q3: Which Live TV Streaming Services Do You Currently Subscribe To?
Q4: Which On Demand Streaming Services Do You Currently Subscribe To?
Q5: Which Free Streaming Services Do You Use?
Wrapping It All Up…

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