Vizio Smart TVs Saw 1.1 Trillion Minutes of Viewing Time in 2020, Powered by Sports and News

Vizio reports viewing on its smart TVs was up 20% in 2020 thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic. This brought overall viewing time to 1.1 trillion minutes last year. While the pandemic certainly has played a major role in viewing habits, streaming is naturally on the rise year over year.

Vizio added 150 new linear channels in 2020 and multiple streaming apps including Apple TV and NBC’s Peacock which was available when the streamer launched. A continuous flow of new content undoubtedly helped fuel Vizio’s viewership.

Vizio gathered this data from 17 million TVs and viewers who opted into the viewership measurement. Nearly 14 million viewers from the group stream their programming through Vizio’s SmartCast app.

Although it only held 2% of total viewing, NFL football was the No.1 programming streamed on Vizio Smart TVs this year overall. “Other Programming” made up the other 98%, with daily news shows like Good Morning America and familiar scripted series like Friends, Chicago P.D., and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit following closely behind.

Vizio’s top programs in terms of percentage of overall viewing in 2020

Vizio’s top shows of 2020 across live, time-shifted and streaming

Vizio is the No. 1 maker of Smart TVs in the U.S. and holds close to 17% market share.