Vizio Will Remove the Amazon Prime Video Button From Its Remotes Per Walmart’s Request

It looks like Vizio is going to cater to Walmart’s request for the company to remove the Amazon Prime Video button from its TV remotes, according to a post by The Information. Prime Video is currently the third button on the top row of quick access streaming services on Vizio TV remotes, but it sounds like that is soon to change.

Walmart has seen Amazon as a rival for years and now is not playing very nice in the streaming service playground. Although Walmart currently doesn’t have a streaming service of its own, it’s rumored to be working on something that would put it in direct rivalry with Prime Video as a companion to a delivery and goods service.

Whether or not this button removal will affect all Vizio TV remotes or just the ones bundled with Vizio TVs sold at Walmart is still unclear.

Vudu still remains the first quick option button on the Vizio remote. Walmart acquired Vudu back in 2010 but didn’t do much with it all the years it was under the super store’s belt. Walmart tossed around possible buyers for the streaming service and eventually sold it to Fandango earlier this spring.

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