Vudu is Offering $3 Credit for Watching its Original Series, ‘Mr. Mom’

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Incentives are always a good way to drive viewership. It looks like that’s what Walmart’s streaming service Vudu is trying to do for its first original series, Mr. Mom.

Online forums and some of our readers have reported seeing this offer by Vudu for $3 in credit for watching all episodes of Mr. Mom before November 20th. Here’s a screenshot by Reddit user HanSolosSizzledHeart:

Vudu Survey offer

It looks like Walmart is trying to drive up the series’ viewership, and offering credit will probably be enough to get some people to watch. The series has 11 episodes, and each is about 10 minutes long with three ads at the beginning of each episode. So basically Walmart will pay you about 36 cents per episode, which some viewers are saying isn’t worth it. However, others are willing to participate, speculating Walmart needs the survey info.

“This may or may not be pertinent info for Walmart to keep Vudu. I’m rating it good to give Walmart some incentive not to sell,” said SlickDeals user HunterXY.

Another user, Ganglor commented “I was thinking they’re trying to increase views on their original programming to try and make them look more appealing to buyers. Either way, as long as my purchases survive we good.”

Recently we reported that Walmart is considering selling Vudu amid the rising competition rather than keep pouring money into promotions and content. This may or may not have something to do with Walmart still deciding what their future with the streaming service will be.

Did you get an email inviting you to participate in the survey for credit? Will you participate for $3? Let us know in the comments.

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