Walmart Confirms Launch Window for its Budget-Priced Streaming Devices

Walmart has confirmed an official launch window for its upcoming, onn-branded streaming devices, which showed up seemingly ahead of the schedule on the retailer’s own website. TechCrunch reported that Walmart expects the new devices to launch in stores and online at some point next week, the week of June 7th, 2021.

Earlier this week we reported on the store listing for the onn. FHD Streaming Stick, a 1080p device that’s set to sell for $24.88. Meanwhile, its 4K counterpart, known as the onn. UHD Streaming Device, will retail for $29.88. As its name suggests, the FHD Streaming Stick follows the traditional stick-style streaming device design, with a built-in HDMI connection so it can plug directly into a TV. The higher-end UHD Streaming Device, on the other hand, resembles recent Roku Ultras with its rounded, low-profile square aesthetic.

Both options are powered by Android TV and store listings indicate they’ll both be bundled with the same remote control, which includes direct access buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. And while the devices differ in terms of maximum supported resolution, both options will support Dolby Audio and the 802.11ac WiFi standard.

Of course, performance and overall ease of use remain to be seen, but the aggressive pricing is an interesting move for the retailer. Walmart has made some exclusive deals with other streaming device makers in the past, including the recent, Walmart-only Roku Express 4K, a slightly cheaper variant of the new Express 4K+. These new devices could represent the start of the company’s move deeper into the streaming landscape. Time will tell.