Walmart Partners With Tastemade for Shoppable Streaming With New ‘Struggle Meals’ Episodes

Walmart and Tastemade have partnered to create the ultimate one-stop shopping experience for holiday meals this season. The largest retail chain and modern media company are collaborating to launch two special holiday episodes of Tastemade’s original show, Struggle Meals where viewers can shop the recipe using Walmart Grocery Pickup.

“We know Chef Frankie Celenza has a massive, loyal fan following. And they will certainly be on the lookout for his special holiday recipes,” said Mary Schulke, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships at Walmart. “Viewers will be able to easily shop all the ingredients for these amazing holiday recipes, while cooking alongside their favorite chef and enjoying delicious meals with their loved ones. It doesn’t get better than this.”

The first special episode launched November 23, with the second one set to premiere on December 17 on Tastemade’s streaming channel. It’s super simple for you to add the ingredients to your Walmart cart – viewers can simply text an on-screen number to add ingredients from the recipes in the episode to their Walmart online grocery pick up carts.

“The holidays will look a little different this year, so with these special Struggle Meals episodes, we’ve partnered with Walmart to help consumers prepare delicious meals that will save time and money, and that will allow for more time to be spent with friends and loved ones – whether that’s virtually or in-person,” said Jeff Imberman, Head of Sales & Brand Partnerships at Tastemade. “We are thrilled to team up with Walmart for a best-in-class, content-to-commerce streaming partnership to provide viewers with a seamless, in-episode shopping experience so that they can effortlessly cook Chef Frankie’s festive meals at home this season.”

In each episode, Ched Frankie will cook up holiday meals that are simple and easy to prepare with little waste. The meals are innovative and better-for-you, helping you save time and money while also alleviating the stress of holiday cooking and planning.