Want to watch the Super Bowl online with your Roku, Chromecast, Phone, PC, or Mac? Here is how to do it.

The Super Bowl is today so here is a quick and simple list of how to watch it online.

On your PC/Mac:

The Super Bowl is free on the NBC site: http://www.nbc.com/live

On your phone:

If you have Verizon the NFL app will have the game for you: http://www.verizonwireless.com/mobile-living/inside/nfl/(Works on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phones.)


We can confirm that right now the Nowhere TV channel dose have the NBC feed on Roku. You can add it here: https://owner.roku.com/Add/H9DWC

If that goes down check out these options:

UPDATE: Channel Pear dose have the NBC.com feed now live. Just look for the NBC Live Sports Channel on their site. You can register for Channel Pear on their site: https://channelpear.com/

UPDATE #2: The LiveStream channel on Roku also has the Super Bowl. Just search for SuperBowl in the events search. You can add the LiveStream channel to your Roku here: https://www.roku.com/channels#!details/29216/livestream

Don’t know what Channel Pear is on the Roku? Check out this video:


Currently no known way to watch it but I will test out the NBC feed when it goes live. You could mirror your screen to the Chromecast if you have that option.

Fire TV:

Sorry no known way to watch it on the Fire TV right now.

If you know a way to watch it on Chromecast or Fire TV post it in the comments.

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