Warning: Be Careful of Fake Roku Support Scams

Have you ever needed help from a company such as Roku? If you are like me, you probably search Google for the number.

Now it looks like other companies have started to take advantage of this system by creating their own customer service numbers trying to get them ranked high on Google.

When you search for the Roku phone support you don’t get Roku’s number, you get a third-party company that promises to help you fix your issue if you are willing to pay. It does not stop there as they now will also send out random emails and more to trick you into calling them.

The problem became so bad Roku even created a page on their site to address the issue. Now the issue is getting better and most of the popular search terms will put Roku at the top; however, you still have to be careful because fake support sites are out there and easy to find.

Always remember Roku’s phone support is free, so there is no need to pay to set up of your Roku or for technical support; however, most of the phone numbers you will find at the top of a Google search are not Roku’s phone number but sites with Roku in the name run by third-party companies.

These third-party companies will help you do everything from register your Roku to fix your Roku if you pay, but you do not need to pay because Roku offers a 100% free customer service phone number.

If you want Roku customer service, call (816) 272-8106. That is the Roku customer service number.

Remember: Always be careful when looking for tech support. Whether for Roku or any company remember to go directly to that company’s site and not to always trust Google.

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