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How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics Without Paying For Cable TV

NBC yesterday finally announced their plans to cover the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Many of the biggest events will be 100% free on NBC with an antenna, but an additional 365.5 hours of Olympic coverage will be aired on NBCUniversal cable networks, which include NBCSN, CNBC, and the USA Network.

The good news is you do not need cable TV and the two-year contract to watch the Olympics.

Here is how you can watch the Olympics as a cord cutter.

#1 Antenna

NBC will be the place to go for many of the biggest events including the opening and closing ceremonies. Hulu, DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and PlayStation Vue all offer NBC in some markets; however, the best way to watch is 100% with an antenna.

To find out if you can get NBC free over the air, check out AntennaRecommendations.com. There you can see if you need an indoor or outdoor antenna to get NBC.

#2 NBCSN, CNBC, and USA Network

The good news is every major streaming service includes NBCSN, CNBC, and USA Network. You should check out Hulu, DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and other services.

Now the question is what are the least expensive options. So let’s take a look at the cheapest way to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics n Pyeongchang.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the least expensive option. You will need the Sling TV Blue package and the News add-on for a total of $30 a month. With that you will get every channel that will air the Olympics.

Sling TV does offer a 7-day free trial that will let you test out the service before you pay for it.


If you are an AT&T Unlimited Subscriber, you can get DIRECTV NOW for just $10 a month. AT&T gives AT&T Unlimited Subscribers $25 off DIRECTV NOW allowing you to get their $35 a month plan for just $10 a month.

DIRECTV NOW offers a 7-day free trial allowing you to test out DIRECTV NOW before you pay.


If you are a Hulu on-demand subscriber you can add Hulu’s live TV service for just $32 a month. This will allow you to watch the Olympics live on Hulu.

Other Options

The other options include YouTube TV in select markets for $35 a month and PlayStation Vue for $39.99 a month. Both are great options but they cost a little bit more than the competition.

We will be updating this post as we get closer to the opening ceremonies on February 9, 2018.

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  • Randy Smith

    During the last Olympics in 2016 Sling offered a free preview of CNBC and MSNBC during the Olympics to subscribers in the base packages. Wondering if they plan on doing something similar in 2018?

    • Jared Cheeseman


  • Bryan Esler

    It’d be nice if NBC made their NBC coverage free in their NBC Sports app. Handy for those of us who subscribe to a screaming service without NBC…and those who can’t get it over antenna either. Something tells me Comcast won’t let that ever happen though.

  • Jeck

    Are those channels available through dedicated apps that I could use a cable provider’s login with (ie Charter or Xfinity)?

    • Jared Cheeseman

      nbc sports app yw

  • Jared Cheeseman

    also nbc sports app

  • Fred Koot

    How about the Olympic Channel on PlayStation Vue? Also Comcast has been blocking a lot of content lately on The Nbc Sports app, so I dont know how reliable it will be.

  • agoo gleuser

    A UK VPN & BBC iPlayer.
    BBC coverage of the last summer Olympics was so much better & more comprehensive it was laughable (and sort of sad).

    Commercial free live opening & closing ceremonies, yep.
    A lot of live sports streams allowed you to turn off the commentator but allowed sound from the course/field etc. to remain on, doubt NBC would ever dream of that.

    I put up sailing for the kids at the local community boat house, parents were amazed it was so well covered and they all appreciated the on boat microphones open with no commentator blathering over them, allowed a knowledgeable person to listen how the helm/crew communicated at that level of the sport. Had to break it to them that NBC coverage was terrible (especially re sailing), you are watching BBC. I think more than a dozen UK VPN subscriptions got sold in that one occurrence.

    • Mike Thaler

      Years ago could get Canadian satellite signal in SF. Comcast was slow in delivering HD service and we were blocked from OTA. Bonus for us we could watch Canadian Olympic coverage which was MUCH better. Even live (not delayed) coverage was available.