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How to Watch Cartoon Network & Adult Swim Without Cable TV (February 2018 Update)

Cord cutting can save a ton of money but often your kids need a little convincing. So Cartoon Network is one of the must-have networks we have good news for you. In the past cord cutters had no way to watch Cartoon Network live legally. Now there are many great options to pick from.

Watching Cartoon Network Live

Right now Sling TV, PlayStation VueYouTube TV, Hulu’s live TV beta, and DIRECTV NOW all include Cartoon Network.

The Cheap Options:

The least expensive option to get Cartoon Network is Sling TV, and you can find it in its $20 a month package with 30+ other channels. Or if you already have Hulu you can add their live TV service with Cartoon Network for just $32 to your current Hulu subscription.

The other cheap option is DIRECTV NOW for just $20 if you have AT&T Unlimited. (Typically $35 a month.)

All of these services offer a free trial. My suggestion is to test them all out and see what one fits your needs.

The other options right now cost is YouTube TV at $35 a month (Limited time deal will soon jump to $40 a month) or Playstation Vue at $40 a month.

The best part is all of these services include a free trial:

Sling TV: 7 days

PlayStation Vue: 5 days


Hulu Beta: 7 days

Just On Demand

All of the live TV streaming services include on-demand content for Cartoon Network; however, if you only want on-demand content, you may want to check out Hulu’s video on-demand service. For as little as $8 a month, you can get access to a lot of Cartoon Network shows.

Also if you only want one or two shows, you may want to look at buying a season pass on a service such as Amazon.

Looking for help finding other channels? Check out our full break down of how you can watch a long list of channels HERE.

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