How to Watch Discovery Networks & The History Channel Without Paying for Cable TV

Two of the most requested networks for cord cutters are the Discovery Networks and the History channel. We often get emails on these channels as more and more people ditch cable and look for their favorite channels.

So today in an effort to help answer the flood of emails and social media posts here is our guide to finding the Discovery Networks and the History channel without paying for cable TV.

How to Watch Both the Discovery Networks & the History Channel

Only one live TV streaming service carries both the Discovery Networks family of channels and the History channel. That service is DIRECTV NOW.

Starting at $35 you get both the Discovery Channel and the History channel; however, some of the smaller Discovery channels such as Discovery Life will be found in higher-priced packages.

DIRECTV NOW offers a 7-day free trial allowing you to test it out before you pay.

How to Watch the History Channel

If you want just the History channel, check out Sling TV. You can get it for just $20 along with 20+ other channels. This makes Sling TV the least expensive way to get the History channel.

You can also subscribe the the History Vault video on demand service. You wont find many current History shows but you will find a huge catalog of older History channel shows. You can subscribe to them as a app or through Amazon Channels.

How to Watch Discovery Networks

If all you want is the Discovery Networks, check out PlayStation Vue. You can find the Discovery Channel starting at just $30 along with 45+ other channels, which is the least expensive way to get the Discovery Channel.

Hopefully this helped you find the channels you are looking for. Have questions about other channels? Check out our full channel breakdown for all of the live TV streaming services <HERE>.

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