The Weather Channel Comes to Roku Players


Want to watch the Weather Channel without cable? Click HERE to find out how.

Miss the Weather Channel after you left cable? Well the Weather Channel is now available on your Roku with their new Local Now Roku Channel.

If you have had Sling TV recently you are probably already familiar with Local Now.  It brings local weather, news, sports, traffic, and other local content to your Roku. During severe weather like tornadoes and hurricanes, they often flip over to a live feed of The Weather Channel in the affected markets.

Update: If you don’t have a provider that supports this Roku Channel you can find a list of Cord Cutting friendly ways to watch The Weather Channel HERE.

If you have a login to a service that provides the Weather Channel you will be able to get a live feed of the full Weather Channel. Hopefully, a streaming service will soon offer that option. Yet for now this is a great option for cord cutters looking for local weather.

weather2From The Weather Channel:

Local Now offers real-time, hyper-local weather, news, sports and traffic reports. For the first time your local news is available instantly on demand and on any device. The localized content is featured within a short loop that is updated in real-time. So if you miss something, you can catch it again only a few minutes later.

Powered by The Weather Channel and other leading content providers, Local Now delivers a unique viewing experience that gives information that is relevant to you and your day. Additionally, Local Now offers localized severe weather clips within your personally customized locations, providing you with the real-time weather information you need to stay safe if your area is impacted by a particular weather event.

Local Now also offers a live video stream of The Weather Channel television network to the majority of users that have a current TV provider subscription. Additional partners will continue to be signed and announced, you will be prompted to select your provider at time of login.

Update: Something not listed in the description is that you only get a free 31 day trial of this channel. After the 31 day trial is up you will need a service provider to continue using the Roku Channel.

You can add the Local Now Channel to your Roku her:

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  • mwsasser

    Actually, no. There are some decent weather apps on my phone and roku. We feel no need for the extra drama created by the weather channel.

  • Darren Bratton

    what exactly is a 31 day trail?? ;o/

    • Darren Bratton

      U go hiking for 31 days??

  • Jim Pfeiffer

    right so this is totally bogus…you have to have a provider to watch it…which mean you have not cut the this down you are misleading people