What the Heck is The Streamer from Disney?

A new verified Twitter account from Disney popped up this week with the handle @TheStreamer and Disney fans and followers are coming up with theories about what the new account might be.

The official Disney+ Twitter account posted the tweet below, tagging the new account.

Is it a new streaming service that will combine Disney-owned services Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and Star? A livestream of an actual stream to advertise for Jungle Cruise ahead of its debut on Premier Access on the 30th? Promotion for Ms Marvel later this year? A game show for Disney+ trivia?

My best guess is that after Disney ran into some issues with the name of its international streaming service, Star, the company is planning to launch the service (or combine services) under a new name. Just yesterday, a judge in Sao Paolo granted a temporary restraining order in favor of Starz, preventing Disney from using the name Star Plus when the service launches in Brazil next month. According to Variety, the judge mentioned the “enormous marketing power” of Disney as a threat to Starz in the ruling. Disney could be showing off that marketing power through social media now. Starz has also filed complaints in Mexico and Argentina.

The Streamer tweeted again Tuesday morning, promoting the Disney Bundle and promising we’ll get the reveal today at 3 pm PT.