Why PlayStation Vue Failed According to People Who Work for Sony

Playstation Vue LogoWe are now just over two months away from PlayStation Vue shutting down at the end of January 2020. This has left many to wonder what went wrong. How did a service with a dedicated and loyal fan base suddenly find itself closing after being one of the first to enter the market?

So, after the announcement that Sony would be shutting down PlayStation Vue, I went out to talk to as many Sony employees who worked directly on PlayStation Vue as I could. Many of them asked not to be identified but did give us some honest and blunt feedback about why PlayStation Vue failed in their opinion.

Here are two of the main reasons that caused PlayStation Vue to fail according to Sony employees.

The Price

Now you are likely thinking these employees thought the price was too high, but you would be mistaken. According to Sony employees, the company started off with the price too low. This created an expectation that subscribers could get even more content without the price going up, and later as Sony added more channels subscribers did not seem to care.

All the PlayStation Vue subscribers wanted was a low price and no matter how many channels Sony added to justify the price hike subscribers were not happy.

Sony employees seem to think a higher price out of the gate could have helped make the service more profitable allowing it to continue.

The Name

This one is likely no surprise to you as even Sony employees blame the PlayStation Vue name. For years now many PlayStation Vue fans have been pushing Sony to rebrand the service to Sony TV or Vue TV. Now it seems that even Sony employees agree that the name created confusion and caused PlayStation Vue to not gain subscribers who would have otherwise subscribed.

Even after Sony announced plans to shut down PlayStation Vue, we are still hearing from people who assumed that you needed a PlayStation gaming device to use the service.

What do you think of what these employees said? Do you agree with their views on the price and name? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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