Will 3.0 OTA Need Internet to Work? We Answer Your Question

Watching TV, Watching, Living Room, Domestic Life, SmilingRecently the FCC approved the new 3.0 OTA standard. With this move over the air TV will now have 4K, more channels, better coverage, and more.

Yet the new 3.0 OTA TV standard has raised a lot of concerns with Cord Cutters News readers. We addressed many of them in our recent Rumor Round Up but one still keeps coming up. That concern is will 3.0 OTA TV work if you do not have internet. So I wanted to take a moment to answer this question here after seeing it on our social media and emails.

In short yes 3.0 OTA TV can use the internet but NO you do not need internet to watch 3.0 OTA TV.

The new 3.0 OTA TV has the ability if you set it up to use the internet for a host of features like the ability to read more about a news story you are watching by launching a web browser on your TV if you click on a icon on your TV for example. (If your TV or tuner box supports that feature.)

Yet you do not need internet to what 3.0 OTA TV. Just like OTA TV now 3.0 OTA TV will include all the images and audio free over the air to pick up with your antenna. What will use the internet is some of the additional features on top of live TV.

So in short have no fear 3.0 TV will still work even if you do not have internet.

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