Will Amazon Launch a Live TV Streaming Service? You Asked, We Answer…

amazon buildingMany had hoped that Amazon would buy PlayStation Vue when it was for sale or launch their own live TV streaming service to take on Sling TV, Hulu, and more.

Amazon did at one time look into launching a live TV streaming service but has killed the idea for the same reasons Sony killed PlayStation Vue.

According to reports from Bloomberg, in 2017 Amazon was unable to reach deals that would make a live TV service profitable. Unlike Sling TV, which uses DISH’s TV contracts to strike better deals, Amazon like Sony has no relationship it can use to build a profitable live TV streaming service.

T-Mobile has also run into this issue. T-Mobile found during talks to create T-Mobile TV that it was being charged more than other live TV streaming services were for the same content. T-Mobile said its lack of size and existing live TV streaming service has resulted in it being unable to reach favorable deals with networks.

This is also what killed PlayStation Vue. Sony was unable to strike deals similar to those of Sling and AT&T. This meant Sony had to pay more for content on PlayStation Vue.

Amazon has decided to focus on Amazon Channels and sell services like HBO and Showtime to fight its way into cord cutting. The recent redesign of Amazon Prime Video shows a greater focus on Channels as Amazon continues to move in that direction.

Sadly, it looks like Amazon has no plans to launch a live TV streaming service.

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