Will Roku Have New Streaming Players This Year? You Asked, We Answer

Over the last few weeks, Roku has had some great sales on their streaming players. This has left many to wonder if Roku is about to launch a new set of streaming players. This has even become one of the most popular questions we have been getting from our readers, so today we want to answer that question.

Yes, Roku is likely to release new streaming players this year, but not until late this year.

Roku releases new streaming players almost every year. Last year’s update was rather small but did add new remotes with the ability to control your TV. We also saw the Roku Ultra get a new set of headphones from JBL. So, last year had a minor set of updates leading many to think 2019 will see a bigger set of updates to Roku’s streaming players.

Typically, if Roku planned a spring launch of Roku players, they would have already released it. This makes it likely that Roku is once again planning a fall/winter launch of the next line of Roku players.

We do know that TCL’s 8K Roku TVs are still scheduled to launch sometime in 2019. So, it is possible that we may see a new set of Roku TVs before a new set of Roku streaming players.

Should you wait for the new Roku Players?

If you need a new Roku or find a good deal on a Roku player, especially the Roku Stick+ and the Roku Ultra, I wouldn’t wait. With Roku players often showing up for under $30 for the Roku Express and Roku Premiere there is little reason to wait as you could find yourself waiting months before a new player is even announced.

Are you planning on upgrading your Roku this year? If so, why? Leave us a comment and let us know how long you have owned your current Roku and if you are still happy with it.

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