XUMO Adds Two New Exclusive Channels to Its Free Streaming Lineup

Free streaming service XUMO announced today a new deal with MPI Media. With the distribution and licensing deal, XUMO has launched two ew exclusive channels based on popular TV shows and franchises, including 60’s nostalgic favorite Family Affair and the reality show The Girls Next Door and its two spin-off series.

“XUMO currently features 40 single series channels that drove over 15 percent of total hours streamed in Q1 2022 alone, and represents an important, fast-growing category on our service,” noted Stefan Van Engen, SVP programming and partnerships at XUMO.  “Delivering more exclusive content with single series channels like these, helps us to continue delighting and engaging millions of our viewers every day with both beloved and well-known TV shows that they can watch for free, available only on XUMO and through our select distribution partners.”

Here’s more about the new channels.

Launched July 1, XUMO’s new single series channels include: The Family Affair Channel featuring 138 episodes from seasons 1-5 of the beloved family sitcom Family Affair as well as 30 episodes of 60’s companion hit The Mothers in Law, season 1.

The Girls Next Door Channel offers 88 episodes of seasons 1-6 from the pop culture hit show as well as its two spin-off shows, including 35 episodes of Kendra, seasons 1-4 and 18 episodes of Holly’s World, seasons 1-2.